Agency Introduction

Agency Introduction

The Parents’ Association of Pre-school Handicapped Children was founded in 1986 by a group of passionate parents to present their views to the Government on the severe shortage of service for preschool children with disabilities. In February 1987, the concerned group was registered as a non-profit making organization, and its registration was changed to limited company in 2001. The Association is now a member of the Hong Kong Council of Social Service. In 1993, the Association was awarded the “Outstanding Rehabilitation Self-help Organization 1993” .


Since its establishment, the Association continues to concern ad advocate for the welfare of persons with disabilities and their families. Our service is presently extended to handicapped persons at all age groups and various types of disabilities.


To advocate for the need and welfare of persons with disabilities and to monitor the quality of services

To provide support to families with newborn handicapped children

To equip the parents with disabled children to achieve self-help ability and to develop mutual support network among parents.

To promote public education towards understanding and acceptance of children with disabilities